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MC Command Center > MC CAS

Define Appearance Template...
Specify gender for appearance template to change...
Apply Appearance Template...
Monitor Physique
Keep Sims within the specified Fit/Fat limits set by the cleaner settings.
Male Fit/Fat Limits...
Female Fit/Fat Limits...
Change Walkstyles on Age-up
If enabled, when Sims age-up they will use the defined default walkstyles overwriting any previous walkstyle they may have had.
Set Default Walkstyle...
Auto-Set Celebrity Walkstyle
If enabled, when a Sim becomes Celebrity Level 4, they automatically begin using the Celebrity walkstyle. When disabled, it must manually be turned-on for a Sim.
Blacklist Traits
This Menu ends here
In game, the options below open a new menu with a list of traits for you to blacklist.
These would be based on traits available in game (based on the expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and mods you've installed).
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