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Allow Homeless Move-In
Allow Sims in homeless households to populate empty houses on lots in the different neighborhoods. Only houses with at least one bed in the Lot info will be valid for move-in.
Homeless Apartment Percent
The percentage chance a homeless household will be allowed to move-into an empty apartment. 0 for no apartments to be used, 100 for apartments to be freely used.
노인 내보내기
심이 노인이 되면 살고 있던 집에서 나가 노인의 집으로 가게 됩니다.
싱글 심 이사하기
주거 부지로 이사할 때 노숙자 심보다 집에서 이사 나오는 싱글 심에게 이주 우선권을 줍니다.
Move Teens as Dependents
When enabled, teens are treated as dependents. They will not move-out when they are single Sims in a household and they will move with their care givers.
플레이 가족 보호하기
When checking for Sims moving-out of homes, bypass any played households rather than just the current active household.
빈 집의 수
The number of residential lots to not move Sims into automatically within the world.
노숙자 가구의 최댓값
생성되는 노숙자 가구의 수. 게임에서 필수적으로 생기는 심들은 이 수치에 포함되지 않습니다.
Enforce Vampire Homes
When enabled, Vampires will only move into homes that have a vampire-specific Lot trait and non-vampires will not move into those lots.
Bypass Dorm Residents
When doing move to retirement homes or single Sim move-outs, bypass dorm residents from the features.
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