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Other Settings...

MC Command Center > MC Population > Other Settings...

Bypass Sim Culling
If enabled, Sims will never be culled when the population reaches high numbers.
Bypass Clown Walkby
Enabling this setting will prevent the random generation of Clown Sims for walkby situations.
No Reaper Stalking
Enabling this setting will prevent the Grim Reaper from casually showing-up in public places.
Randomize Visiting Sims
Shuffles the list EA generates of valid Sims to visit a lot so they do not visit in the same order every time.
Disable Immortal Sims...
Turn-on Aging for Sims that are normally immortal in the Sims 4.
Maximum Sims In Zone
Specifies the maximum number of Sims that will be spawned in a zone. EA Default is 20.
Adjust Sims on Lot...
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