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Change Interaction Behavior...

MC Command Center > MC Tuner > Change Interaction Behavior...

Friendly Stay The Night
Invite to Stay the Night is a Friendly interaction, not a Romantic interaction.
Friendly Ask If Single
Invite to Stay the Night is a Friendly interaction, not a Romantic interaction.
Allow Emotional Deaths
If Enabled, the emotional deaths that occur when a Sim gets too Playful, Angry or Embarrassed will be allowed. If disabled, these deaths will never happen.
Stop Random Flirting
Prevents Sims from flirting with another Sim autonomously when they are in a flirty mood if they have no prior romantic relationship levels. Note that if this setting is used, the Autonomous Flirty setting is ignored.
Allow Monster Under Bed
If this setting is disabled, toddlers will no longer have nightmares and children will not be bothered by the monster under the bed.
Allow Teen Move-in
Allow Teens to invite other Sims to move-in and also to be invited to move-in.
Allow Multiple BFFs
If enabled, there is no limit to the number of BFFs a Sim may have.
Put Away Books Fix
If enabled, Sims will attempt to put away books when they finish reading or doing homework.
Disable Witness Death
If enabled, when someone dies on the lot, no Sims in the area will run to watch the death happen. This doesn't disable the sorrow buff from someone they know dying. It just disables the interruption that happens to witness the death.
Allow Instant Upgrades
When enabled, Sims will perform upgrades instantly and will require no components.
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