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MC Command Center > MCCC Settings... > Auto-Save...
Automatically save your game at specific intervals. Note that autosaves will not happen during events that prevent saving.
Auto-Save Name
The first part of the save file name used by auto-save functionality. The name will have the slot number appended to the name. Default 'MC Save'.
Auto-Save Slot-Number
Sims 4 uses the Slot-Number when saving the game as Slot_x where x will be the hexadecimal number entered here. Default is 1111.
Maximum Save Slot Number
How many different Slots will be used in auto-saving the game with a maximum of 10. Default 1,
Save Interval Amount
The amount of time for the specified interval-type between auto-saves.
Save Interval Type
Select the time interval type for auto-saving frequency.
Show Confirmation Dialog
If enabled, when it is time for an autosave to happen, a confirmation dialog will be displayed that allows the autosave to be cancelled.
Use Auto-save
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